Reports911 Reports911 (PRINTS) software is an efficient, reliable, low maintenance and cost-effective avenue for law enforcement agencies no matter their size, to digitally access their primary or multiple intelligence data sources whenever necessary—without boundaries. Created by former law enforcement personnel, Reports911 provides smaller and medium-sized agencies the ability to reap the benefits of an expanded, easily accessible data source and records management system, without the burdensome cost of installation, maintenance and operation. 

First responders in the field, routine traffic stops, or in the midst of an in-house interrogation, Reports 911 is the go-to reservoir to instantly access criminal background information, property and evidence records, and to create and enter field reports in real time. Agencies will see efficiency escalate as they streamline intelligence and utilize this valuable resource of digital manpower. 

*Reports911 is available for local installation by our team of professionals.

Reports911 software is designed specifically to:

  • Give smaller agencies the same digital manpower the larger agencies already have access to.
  • Make data systems and records management affordable as well as attainable to smaller agencies.
  • Enjoy Controlled Data Sharing. Optional agency sharing capabilities allow several departments within a region to benefit from the interoperability of information stored in one central location. Personal control settings allow each agency to decide which elements of data, if any, will be disseminated to other agencies.
  • Provide a safe and secure storage area for sensitive law enforcement data.
  • Afford your agency the capability to team up with other law enforcement agencies to fight crime on a regional level.
  • Provide ease of use and access. Reports 911 can be accessed in a mobile setting, at any desktop and with the use of a simple app—by Smartphone.
  • Enable agencies to streamline intelligence.

*Stand alone installation is offered at a considerably higher rate.

Reports911 (PRINTS)

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